Stefanie designs and creates a variety of products featuring her own cute
and colorful cartoon characters called Stefanimals.

The colorful prints and wall decorations are perfect for any child’s room. In addition to wall decor
she also makes stickers, magnets and more. Her designs are not just adorable,
they also teach young children names of animals, colors, simple math and spelling.

Although created with younger children in mind, Stefanimals has fun products not only for little kids…
but big kids too! If happy, colorful animal illustrations put a smile on your face
you will find something for yourself or for a friend in our store.

Stefanie has been drawing and painting since she was a child. She attended art school to become
a graphic designer/illustrator, and took classes in cartooning and illustrating children’s books.

One of her projects in art school was to come up with a TV commercial for a milk beverage.
The cartoon cow she drew for the story board became her first Stefanimal.